Republicans Try to Boycott Fox News

Yes, in the wake of Obama’s landslide victory, Republicans are falling apart. They’ve decided that Fox News’s hyper-positive portrayal of the trainwreck that is Sarah Palin was, in fact, too negative. I guess they were hoping for even less truth and more glossing over of Palin’s obvious and blatant shortcomings. But since they can’t have that, they’ve decided to stop watching Fox News in protest.

Here are some selected comments. Yay! Comments!

Send this to FOX. I am DONE until the hatchet job on Sarah Palin stops being tabloid journalism in place of news. Maybe longer.

I hope she sues them for defamation.

I began my boycott of Fox election night. They are locked out of my Dish.

You started on election night? So this isn’t about reporting news about Sarah Palin at all, it’s just a little tantrum because they dared to report that Obama won the election? Were you hoping Fox News would refuse to call a single state all night and push for endless recounts in every single state?

I had given up on television long ago, except to use it to watch DVD’s of my own choosing. We have literally hundreds of channels and there is nothing watchable except for TCM, because that channel shows movies that were made when Americans were proud and when the future was still bright.

Does that mean movies made under the Bush administration show a future that wasn’t bright? Hmm, odd.

I agree. I’m tired of their slant towards the left. Its been going on for months. Guess they don’t need us Republican viewers. The only reason I voted Republican this time was because of Sara & not McCain. McCain is just a Moderate Dem. We need to get to get rid of the primaries that determine who are Republican candidate would be like it happened this time.

I understood most of that until the end of the last sentence. I assume the writer is somehow trying to choose the Republican nominee for president without going through a primary process? I suppose the only fair process is to let that commenter choose, and everyone else would just go along? Woohoo, Sarah Palin 2012! Awesome!

Also, I suggest freepers send complaints about Shep Fag to Also, perhaps some NY Freepers can get photos of Shep and his boyfriend and post it online.


We built these clowns, they betrayed us. How many Freepers used to go and switch store tvs to fox and then leave it on? How many of you promoted Fox to everyone you knew?

We need a new tv news channel that is completely conservative. We have the talent. Rush, Ingraham, Levin, Hannity, Beck, Boortz, and others. Until then, I am cancelling cable.

You used to switch store televisions to Fox News in the hope that it would convert people over to the dark side? Wow. And reporting the news about Sarah Palin destroys their right wing image and now they’re no longer worthy of that? Wow.

And after one person commented that he would just leave his television on The Weather Channel through winter, someone else warned him that the Communists would get him that way:

I watch the Weather Channel often — to actually get the weather — but they are very liberal and promote “climate change” as part of their agenda. Be warned.

Oh no! Science mixed in with a weather report?!? Won’t somebody think about the children!? We want our weather reports to be based on religion and whatever comes out of Sarah Palin’s mouth, we don’t want that annoying science crap mixed in!

If you have Dish or Directv, they KNOW what you are watching. I refuse to turn any news on the tvs connected to the dish.

Damn Big Brother, spying on you all the time! I’ll only watch the news when I can be sure that nobody else knows that I’m watching it!

I am seeking digital photos of Sarah Palin for a new web site I am setting up in appreciation of her. These need to be available for use without copyright restrictions — preferably taken by those who own the photos and who are willing to grant permission for their use.

Please send me a private message and I will provide an e-mail address.

“And I promise I’m not stalking her! Just send me as many pictures as you have! I don’t know why I’m posting in the boycott Fox thread, but JUST SEND ME SOME PICTURES DAMMIT!”

Dear Fox,
My question is this: WHY WHY WHY would Carl Cameron report all that gobbly gook about Sarah Palin AFTER the election is over and she has been defeated??? To me this is the last straw for the Fox News Network. It started with Shepherd Smith reporting things very negatively; then O’Reilly actually saying when he interviewed Barack Obama that he believed him and took him at his word. Next it is Hannity and Colmes constantly having Dick Morris on their program. Dick Morris has proven over and over again that he is wrong on his opinions about 95 per cent of the time. As far as I am concerned, Greta and Neil Cavuto are the only afternoon and evening news programs worth watching except when Greta is stuck on the latest sensationalized murder or child missing. So that leaves Fox and Friends in the morning and Neil Cavuto in the afternoon. PERIOD. I just read about a boycott of Fox News Network, and I, for one am in favor of this after Carl Cameron spewed his factually-suspect report. You have lost all credibility of reporting the news—we decide. I have depended on Fox News to report a side of the news that is virtually ignored on the other major networks—yet, I continue to see a definite decline in news reported of both sides of the political spectrum.

Therefore I am taking the Fox News Network off of my favorites and skipping over it. Am I boycotting Fox News? You could say that. I no longer have confidence in your various reporters and whether they get the facts or the fiction for their reports.

This is truly a sad state of affairs with a station that had so much going for it. Perhaps you won’t be affected by this boycott, perhaps you won’t but I guess I will not have to hear people like Major Garrett and Carl Cameron any more.

I think you mean “gobbly goop.” Gobbly gook sounds racist.

Yesterday I had had enough!! Fox left us behind with all the democrat talking heads.

That with all of this working to hurt Sarah Palin is the end for me.

I really think that God will step in and fight for her. He never rushes in.He is kind and sometimes He waits to let people show their worst. The time will come when He will move and when He does, I wonder how much power Fox News will have left.

I would not want to be in the shoes of all of those working to destroy Sarah Palin

Wow, God will smite Fox News for reporting on Sarah Palin. I hope that makes it to Youtube!

With remarks like those made on the Brokaw/Rose tapes, it reinforces my belief that the media ELITES are just ordinary people who really do not know a whole lot. These self-important ELITES are the same people who pilloried Sarah because she did not talk the way folks inside the Beltway or NYC.

Oh no, these people that we’ve been calling elites might just be regular people after all. Oh, but I’ll keep on calling them elites in all capitals because that’s fun. And at least I don’t talk the way folks inside the Beltway or NYC. Yeehaw!

The Fox web site is very very slow. Looks like they are being flooded with complaints on their comments page.

Yes, because the sheer number of comments being submitted must far outweigh the traffic they’ve gotten at any other time, and therefore be the only possible explanation for why their web site is slower than usual. Way to keep up with technology, Mr. Commenter!

It will be hard for me to to boycott Fox as I haven’t watched Fox in at least 5 years. I got so tired of the flash and wiz bang graphics and sounds.

These crazy kids and their color teevee with the sound and the graphics! Give me a friendly white male in black and white hawking cigarettes and telling me what the Communists are doing, now that’s good teevee!

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